Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Movie Review and other stuff

Last night, at my husband's suggestion, we watched Superbad. It was OK. It gave me the same feeling that Knocked Up did - namely, it would have been much funnier if the dialogue wasn't so stilted. I guess what confuses me is that this stilted dialogue happens only occasionally, and in scenes where more relaxed delivery would be more fitting and funnier. Take, for instance, the "I love you" scene, near the end of the movie. The guys were supposed to be so wasted that they had passed out and/or were uncomfortably truthful with the girls they wanted to sleep with. The wasted guys I've encountered (and there have been many, because I mostly hang out with guys and I mostly don't drink) would have little problem telling other guys they loved them. Because they're drunk. Wait, not just drunk, wasted. Oh well, it was funny, in an incredibly juvenile humor kind of way. I'm glad I'm not too old to appreciate this stuff yet. I outgrew horror movies a few years ago, and the spoof movies barely elicit a chuckle. Without coming-of-age or kid's movies, I'd be limited to action movies and drama. Not a great deal of laughs in those genres...

Other than that, I guess I'm sort of in the 2ww. Since I don't require medical intervention until after fertilization, I'm not completely sure. The timing may have been right when my husband got home this weekend, so now I get to spend the next week or so wondering and hopeful. I just hate the crushing disappointment that comes with the BFN. And the feeling of time running out. And what do I have to look forward to if it is a BFP? Many weeks of shots, followed by several months wondering if everything is normal. So I guess I'll just wait and see. But I'm not giving up caffeine yet.


  1. Thank goodness for juvenile humor! Here's hoping all turns out Great with the 2ww and beyond.

  2. Oh yes, keep up the caffiene. I'm going to be bad and admit I used to have the odd beer as well...

    Kept me sane!