Thursday, November 20, 2008


My head was about to explode. Managers in my workplace suck.

I think I'm better now.

My husband has been forecasting the end of the world for a while now. Mostly I ignore him, because he is just venting about something he can't express specifically, so he goes with the end of the world. It's dire enough for how he feels, but nebulous enough that he doesn't feel tied to it when life is going well. He was about to start a dissertation (doing a little googling) about how the predictions in Revelation and Daniel are eerily accurate, and asked me if I was familiar with some passage or another. I told him that I didn't remember any of Revelation because it was kinda boring, so I mostly skimmed through it. He couldn't stop laughing at that one. I see his point; most people are way concerned with the book of Revelation. But I am not a fundamentalist, and I don't get much into apocalyptic fantasy when I read fiction (movies, OK; books, not so much). So, yep, I find Revelation to be a chore to read. Nothing like a little irreverence to lighten your mood.


  1. Never read the book of Revelations either. Graduate of a Jesuit University too, go figure.