Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GRABook Club: The Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games 2 years ago, while on a flight to Wyoming.  I was so enthralled that I couldn't stop reading but I didn't want the story to end.  I loved the complexity of the characters and the tension of the story. 

My husband always talks about the day when society will fall apart, and how I'm far too soft to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.  I don't like to be outside.  I hate bugs and snakes.  My eyesight is abysmal.  I don't like to eat game.  I am allergic to everything.  I burn when I spend any time in the sun.  I refuse to camp.  In other words, Katniss would be almost exactly my opposite.  However, I am quite good at flying below the radar, so I might have a chance in The Hunger Games.

There were several things I wondered about the story, but I think the largest question I had was:  How did people end up in the various Districts...especially those who lived in the Capital?  Was it simply locational?  Was it socio-economic?  Was it plain old luck?  What do you think?

I assume that there was money involved for the residents of the Capital, but everyone else just got stuck where they grew up.  But that theory doesn't necessarily make sense in terms of a war.

The Hunger Games is the best of the trilogy (well, according to me, anyway), but Catching Fire and Mockingjay are also well worth reading.

After you answer my question, please click over to read the rest of the book club questions for The Hunger Games.  You can get your own copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins at bookstores including Amazon.