Sunday, November 16, 2008

A good day

It's been busy around our household this weekend. Yesterday, our neighbors needed a dogsitter, because their dog was on new medication that made him thirsty. So, DD and I wandered over every couple ours. DD loves doggies, but we don't have one. She was in heaven. She's still talking about the doggie pooping. When we were leaving, the dog thought that the fake fur trim on DD's coat was one of his toys, so he grabbed it and tried to drag her back into the house. I'm not sure she noticed, but I found it amusing.

We also had a birthday party for another 2 year old to attend. My friend made an incredible train cake. Very impressive. DD seems to be the only girl her age around. In her daycare, there are 5 girls and 10 boys. Everywhere we go, it's all boys. I guess that will be good for dating options later.

Finally, DH returned from work this morning at 4 am. He's crazy and likes to drive through the night. But he got home safely, and we are very happy he's home. DD kept trying to wake up daddy. She loves her daddy!

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