Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things to do when you should be sleeping

DD woke up at 2 am for a drink of water, presenting me with a dilemma. Today was hpt day, so should I wait 3 hours and do it when I got up, or proceed at 2 am with a most concentrated sample? Didn't really matter either way - bfn, as I mostly expected. On the plus side, between that and my morning walk, I found myself composing haikus. It turns out there was a contest for this sort of thing that ended Monday. Now the world will not hear my genius (ha!) Anyway, here are my efforts...

I want a baby
The white space tells me it's no
I needed two lines

Another baby
My daughter needs a sibling
God has other plans

I am awake now
Why can I not go to sleep?
Disappointment sucks

Two lines are not there
I am not pregnant again
Bring on the vodka

and on another topic:

It is cold and dark
Why am I outside walking?
Oh. My ass is big.

Subdivision rules
I wish you would follow them
My shoe smells awful

As long as I can entertain myself...


  1. I wish it was two lines...
    Your a$$ is not big
    I have nothing to offer
    A hug perhaps?

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  3. Thanks, Martha! Excellent comment. Sadly my a$$ is big, but a friend and I have determined that those 500 extra calories needed for breastfeeding turns into a reduction of about 2000 calories when you stop. Not sure how the math works there...Oh well, I've got my "maternal reserves" in case I need it again. ;)

  4. I am so sorry about the BFN, but the Haiku? Brilliant!


  5. Love the subdivision haiku. You're a natural! Sorry about the BFN. That isn't fun. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Great haikus. I would have entered but found it very hard to come up with anything.