Friday, November 21, 2008

Ugh, some people

A grocery store in my area has a deal on many Thursdays - $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. As I would expect, on most of these Thursdays, the store is packed with people. I live in a suburban area, where the types of people range from yuppies to drug dealers - in other words, it's fairly diverse. There are two branches of the grocery store within 15 minutes of my house. One is in a university town, the other is in a more blue collar town. I usually go blue collar, since it's slightly closer and I like the store arrangement better.

After wending my way through the crowds, finding all the bargains that I needed to find, I got in line to check out. As I was standing in line, a woman came up to get in the line next to me. She got on her cell phone and started talking to what I assume was her husband. She started complaining about the length of the lines. Then she says "I can't believe all these people are here. It's only $10. I mean, these people would probably spend it beer or cigarettes anyway. or lottery tickets." Now, she was standing about 10 feet away and I could hear her loud and clear. Then, after she hung up, she saw a friend a few lines away and repeated the same comments to him. Ummm, excuse me, but aren't you in here with a cart full of groceries, trying to get your $10 off?

I hate hypocrites. I am (unfortunately) a hypocrite magnet. Sigh.


  1. You are a hypocrite magnet, tee hee. I have slow line karma. Sigh, I guess it's just our cross in life to bear...

  2. what?!? Some people really can't see the hypocrisy in that!! I was at an outlet centre some time ago on a Sunday when we overheard someone say something like "oh, it's full of people that have nothing better to do on a Sunday" - so why were you there then!!? Oooh, people like that really do drive me crazy!