Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More reasons why my blog title is accurate...

Last night, I announced to my husband at 10:00 that I was going to bed. So, I took myself off to the bathroom to prepare for bed. Upon emerging, I found my husband putting away his clothes in our master closet. That would be all the clothes that he had been wearing for the last 6 months - he had brought all his summer wear home with him this trip. I had to ask him what about the phrase "I'm going to bed" inspired him with the urgent need to hang up his clothes, when he had the WHOLE day to put these things away. He said he was just trying to annoy me.

I also found out that, contrary to my imaginings, hospital records are not computerized, accurate, or easily accessible. In a job related situation, the serial # on a prosthetic device needed to be traced to a particular person (which would have saved me some rather unpleasant work). The hospital said it would take a week to request the records from archives and then 2 weeks to search the records. I ended up (through sheer luck, although no less unpleasantness) being able to obtain similar information in about an hour. Really, it should not take more time for a records search than for lab work.

This brings up another concern. Several months ago, I emailed Dr. A to ask him what I would need to do should I get pregnant again. He emailed me back to say that I should just follow the same protocol - i.e. get a + hpt and come in for a blood test and then get prescribed all kinds of fun medicine. Now, I'm worried that they will be like "who are you and what do you want again?" Oh well, I guess I'll just take my chances...

On the positive side, gas is cheaper than it's been in years! And it's supposed to be almost 60 degrees today! In the middle of November!

Yep, it's definitely an Are You Kidding Me kind of day.


  1. Wow, what a crazy world! I don't think you are kidding me or anybody!

  2. hi. thanks for stopping by...i appreciate the just enjoy it advice. i'm going to take it to heart.