Monday, November 24, 2008


I am watching Clean House right now, and I just gotta say, how do people live like that? I was a total slob when I was a kid and living at home, but it was just one room (that I shared with my more sloppy sister). By the time I got to college, I didn't want to live in a mess anymore. Then I got the roommate who had the clothes mountain in the corner of the room. I swear I saw that thing move once. I hate cleaning, but I'm not a huge fan of clutter. I guess that actually goes together, now that I think about it. I hated dusting in our house because I had to move all my mom's crap around and dust under it. I'm watching a family that has so much stuff that they can't walk or sit or sleep anywhere in the house. That's just a disease, and they need more help than a group of personal organizers can give them.

My husband is anti stuff. He's always trying to sell or give away things in our house. I bristle at some of it, but I don't tend to hold on to a great many things (although I have a sweater of my mom's from high school and shirts of my dad's that were from before he moved out of his mom's house). My mom has added more and more clutter as time goes by. My sister's crawl space is the family respository for stuff we all want to save but just can't take right now. I guess we're fortunate that I have all the sentimental family belongings (the "bonus" of having an older family) that I need. We're also lucky that J. did not inherit his mom's pack rat tendencies (everyone is always throwing away her stuff). I hope I never get to the point where stuff takes over my life.

Pack Rat or Anti-clutter? Which are you?


  1. Totally Anti-Clutter! I was a home care nurse for many years and had to call the Fire Dept. about a few patients whose home was a fire trap, there was so much JUNK!!

  2. I'm anti-clutter. Hubbie is a pack rat. We've been married two years and I am s-l-o-w-l-y able to toss some of his bachelor day "treasures." But, like you, I'm not a huge fan of cleaning (especially dusting). We have a teeny house, and it gets messy QUICK, so I gotta stay on top of it or it gets out of control really fast.