Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

J works in a different state. It's not about living on the border of 2 states (although we do) - he got a great paying job 600 miles away. We used to work at the same place. It's incredibly stable and the security is unbeatable. But he got fed up, and needed a change. When he took this job, I considered going too. But we had a 7 month old, we live near his family and not terribly far from mine, and the job is government contract, so there was no guarantee that the job would still be there in 5 years. So I stayed, with the baby, in our beautiful house that my husband built. It's not a terrible arrangement - his schedule is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. But, I think he will be quitting soon to come home and be Mr. Mom. The pay is not as good, but the benefits are much better. Or, he'll decide to do a year of the dangerous overseas option of his job for twice as much money. Either way, he'll be home next weekend and will stay through Thanksgiving.

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