Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now That It's Completely Useless To Anyone

I have tried a bunch of different readers, since Google will be depriving me of my favorite tomorrow.  :(

I'm using Feedly at work with Firefox.  It's OK.  I don't like that it doesn't seem to automatically update - I have to refresh it. 

I'm using Bloglovin on my phone.  That's mostly because it's the only one that seems to work with an ancient (4 years old!) Blackberry.  I would like to get a new phone, but my husband refuses to pay an activation fee and additional money for data services just because the cell phone company feels like charging for it.  So, until there are no more Blackberries available on eBay...I will be stuck with an ancient phone. 

At home, I'm still deciding.  I like Netvibes, but it was very complex to import everything.  However, it does have an advantage over the other two choices.  Any site I follow with multiple pages (like The Pioneer Woman) or feeds is not showing up in Feedly or Bloglovin.  For Netvibes, they seem to be working just fine.  It's probably just a setting I haven't discovered yet, but I don't have the energy to figure it out.

Note: for all of these services I am only using the FREE option.  I'm not a fan of paying for things if I can possibly avoid it.  I'm getting used to repeating this philosophy on a daily basis, as my daughter complains that I won't let her have Club Penguin memberships or buy boosts/lives for games on Facebook.

None of these are ideal.  And I'm curious to see how they'll all work once Reader is deactivated.  But at least I have some options to make sure I keep up with things in Blogland.

What are you using?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GRAB(ook) club and Measure of Love

My first online book club!  I really enjoyed Measure of Love.  It was both a light read and a book that made me think about the characters beyond the bounds of the story.  I related to some of Rachel's issues, while at the same time she was annoying me with her dithering.  I'm looking forward to reading Arianna's story in the next book.

Now, I have to think of a question about the book...hmmm...well, how about some creative interpretation/write your own addendum to the story:

Adam is sort of a minor character in the story. We don't get to see many of his reactions, but he seems fairly perceptive (at least at this stage of the game).  While Rachel was going through all of her issues, how do you think he was processing all of her insecurities and assumptions?  I mean, they had to be somewhat evident, right?  Was he suffering his own doubts, or was he just oblivious?

After you answer my question, please click over to read the rest of the book club questions for Measure of Love (  You can get your own copy of Measure of Love by Melissa Ford at bookstores including Amazon (

And if you read it, don't forget to leave a review!