Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Update...

...just for Nancy, who reminded me that I've had nothing to say lately.

I'd just like to say that Andrew Zimmer is crazy and I don't understand why people eat pork rinds. Normally, I wouldn't be watching stuff like the food channels, but circumstances in my house have taken a turn for the better today:


He has finally had enough of working 3 states away. Our girl will be done with daycare (at least for now; somehow I think DH will find it necessary to start another career sooner or later). I will have my partner, my love, my lover, and my lawn guy back full time!

So here's a whole lot of sunshine in my life today...How's your week going?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Show and Tell - Spring

The other week, we had some torrential downpours, thanks to an extremely early tropical system that made its way from the Gulf of Mexico up into the Midwest. There were some reports of 8-10" of rain in an hour. Flash flooding was prevalent, and two towns north had serious storm damage - basements were washing away. Fortunately, we live on top of a hill, so all the water runs away. While checking to see if it was still raining, I discovered where some of the rain was going. (Click on picture to enlarge)

This is the cemetary behind our house - normally, there is not a river running through it. Fortunately there is a village pumping station at the end of the cemetary, so the temporary river had somewhere to go.

You can also see my husband's latest landscaping marvel - a new berm with lots of ornamental grasses. By the end of summer the grasses will be 5-10' tall, with beautiful showy plumes. He does wonderful work!

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