Friday, November 28, 2008

It's a matter of perspective

For some time now, I've been worried about my sister-in-law. Well, two of them really. You see, there are 6 children in my husband's family. As of this year, they're all married. His two youngest sisters have been talking about the children they will have for several years now. This is what worries me. They have purchased clothes and books and toys in anticipation of having these children. They have all their names picked out. They take their fertility for granted, and I fear that it will come crashing down on them.

We were at his second youngest sister's house for dinner yesterday. She has a room that is filled with anything a toddler might want to play with. She dotes on her nieces and nephews, but I know she can't wait to have a baby of her own.

I'm not as worried about J's youngest sister - I don't think she'll actually have any problems. But his second youngest sister? Her, I worry about. She suffers from migraines, she seems to be the world's most sensitive salmonella detector, she has acid reflux, she works really hard in a job that she is totally overqualified to do, and she's a freak magnet (she attracts the most odd and obnoxious people). And, her husband has been known to say stupid things about childbearing (like telling me, when I was 37 and pregnant, that people should have kids when they're 28 or so because much older and you're too old to have fun with your kids). This just looks to me like the universe is lining up to screw with her.

So, I don't know if this is me being superstitious, or if it's me projecting my issues on to her. Did you ever meet anyone who you absolutely knew was going to have problems ttc? Have you been proven right? I just hope that I am proven wrong and all goes well for her.


  1. I hope you are proven wrong with your SILs. What a weenie the BIL is, too old to have fun w/your kids, Oh Puhleez!!!
    Re.your question, our beloved adult niece struggles w/IF and when I first met her I thought, "She's a poster child for PCOS". Unfortunately, I was correct, I have been a stinking nurse too darn long, how I wish I was wrong.

  2. It's funny. To twust your q slightly, the few people I have told my twins were IVF look at me like I grew horns and say 'but WHY, you're HEALTHY'. Like infertile is a big stamp I should have on my forehead.


  3. Of course, now that Hollywood has chimed in, it seems like anyone who has twins these days must have had help in conceiving them. Guess that makes you trendy!