Wednesday, November 26, 2008

weird dreams

I was having some weird dreams last night...I don't know what it was all about, although I can attribute part of one dream to reading other blogs.

First I dreamt that I was with my best friend and I was having a totally blood-free miscarriage. I was holding my tiny fetus in my hand and he was perfectly formed. If you've ever been to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and have seen the fetus exhibit (I think it's gone now - last time I saw it the babies were not holding up in their preservatives), then you'll know how the baby looked. I wasn't crying - I was sad but awed at his perfection.

Next, I dreamt that my mother was having bypass surgery. Not unusual, she's been having heart flutters (and I was reading Nancy's blog). But, while they were preparing for the surgery, mom was talking to me, but I couldn't concentrate because I was busy watching tornados form outside the window.

Dream interpretation would imply that my life is about to spin out of control with disastrous results. I hope it's really just that my husband fed me Totino's (it's not really) pizza for dinner. That man really needs to buy himself some taste buds.

Maybe it's good that I don't usually remember my dreams


  1. I have really odd dreams all the time.

    Often about phone conversations. It make's it quite hard to know whether I've REALLY said certain tactless things to certain people, or not, at times. Because, it's totally possible. Even awake.


  2. Interseting dreams, I often dream of tornadoes. I have done alot of dream theory work and for the most part as long as they do no harm and you are ok when it is over, then more than likely it is about you feeling like you are out of control, but your subconcious is telling you that no matter how scarey it is, its ok. Hope that helps.