Friday, November 14, 2008

Reading some comments...

Martha said...
Ha, ha, love Pearls Before Swine. How does one make money from blogs??

I wish I knew!

KandiB said...
Can I come work with you? I'd like to spend 1/2 my day chewin' the fat with whomever.

Sure, come on along, but first a few qualifying questions...
1. Do you have social skills? If so, please do not bother. We have met our quota of people with social skills (I think there's one somewhere, but he/she may have quit to work somewhere normal).
2. Can you spend your fat chewin' time bitching incessantly? Would you prefer to talk about politics or religion (or any other subject that's usually taboo in the workplace)? If the answer is yes, welcome!
3. Do you find it charming when your supervisor rewrites the rules to better cover himself with glory (even when there's not really any glory available)?
4. When your employer tells you that "we're all a big family" are you aware that this means that you're about to be treated like a toddler with a learning deficiency? If not, then this is the place for you!

Fortunately, the benefits are good (I'm in one of those states that mandates insurance coverage for IF treatments), salary is good, and hours are good. Sometimes the work is even useful and fulfilling.

Although, I should mention Evil Coworker #1 used to flaunt her fertility/children in the face of a former coworker that she knew really wanted kids. (She's one of those "I got pregnant on bcp twice" kind of people)

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  1. Funny post, thanks for the Shout Out! I have social skills but Zero Tolerance for glory grubbing supervisors, Oh Puhleez!
    I am glad you have a good work situation, well for the most part. If work was all fun, they wouldn't pay us for the privilege.