Sunday, July 31, 2022

2022 is THE WORST

 Dear John,

It started with my uncle - but I wasn't too surprised when Covid got him.

Then, you - obviously devastating.

Then, my gynecologist - he was my favorite doctor ever.  He actually listened to things I said.  It is believed that he also took his life, due to unbearable back pain, even after surgery.  He was buried the same day you were.

Then, one of the guys from your hometown - M was good friends with him.

Then, this weekend, the nephew of one of my blogger friends.  Only 17 - I'm so sorry, Lori

I hope that's all 2022 has in store.  I've had enough, thanks.




  1. It truly is Annus Horribilis.

  2. My friend talks about a grief bucket. How grief compounds with each incident and we have less and less capacity to deal with more and more. I am so sorry for our full grief buckets. So sorry. xoxoxo