Saturday, January 31, 2009

The week in review

Monday: I don't work on Mondays, so S. and I had a lovely day at home together. My husband is always looking for a new house to buy, so he can have a project. So my daughter and I went to the bank to get a pre-approval letter for a loan, in case we find a property to buy. There are a few contenders and we're waiting to hear back on one offer. But, my wonderful girl was fabulously well-behaved in the loan officer's office for the 40 minutes it took to fill out the paperwork. I was very impressed and so were the ladies at the bank. Snow started falling in the evening, so I stayed up too late, thinking that we'd stay home the next day.

Tuesday: I woke up to less than an inch of snow, and even though there were predictions for more (and sleet and freezing rain), there was no way I could justify staying home from work for that small amount of snow. So, S and I went to daycare and work, respectively. Once I got to the daycare, there was about 4 inches of snow (and they're only 10 miles away from home). But, daycare was closing early, due to the weather, so I only stayed at work until 12:30. Of course, the freezing rain started at 10 am. And I got to daycare at naptime. Waking my daughter up from her nap is a baaad idea. Oh well, early to bed again for her. Again, I stayed up too late, wondering if it was going to snow enough for me to stay home from work.

Wednesday: This time, I woke up to 6 inches of snow. Hurray! I called in to work and got ready for a day off. Then I remembered that it was trash day. So I put S. in front of the TV (she loves her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and started shovelling a path down our extremely long driveway. The snow mountain was in front of the house, instead of in front of the driveway, so I only had to dig out the 2 foot pile left by the plow. We went outside around 9:30 to start shovelling the driveway, and I couldn't get the child to go back inside. She loves to play in the snow! I finally dragged her back inside. We had some lunch and then she refused her nap again. So, back outside for more shovelling. She got another early bedtime, which was good for me, because I was busy taking the online Jeopardy test. Don't know if I passed, but I was definitely closer this time than last time.

Thursday: Sad day...had to go back to work. I had an agency request some additional work on a case, which was supposed to go to court next week. Other than that, the day was mostly uneventful. Oh wait, I think this was the day that my husband told me that his sister had her baby. He told me she had a little girl, but didn't elaborate any further. Guess I'll have to call his mom to find out the specifics...but it's The Evil Chad's wife, so I'm not in a hurry on that score.

Friday: Work again. I finished the work from the previous day, and called the agency with results...only to find out that the defendant in the case had pled guilty the previous day. Hey, thanks for telling me. I love to put everything aside to do your work and then have it be ALL FOR NOTHING! I love to waste my time. There's nothing else I could be doing, after all. It's not like I'm working cases from 6 months ago, or anything! AARGH! See blog title for actual reaction...

Saturday: Another lovely day off. The snow is melting. Mountain Dew is on sale at K-mart. S. cooperated at her swim lessons for the first time. She loves swimming, but she is cautious around new people. Even though I'm sitting right there, she is unsure of the teacher, since she's only seen her a few times. But, today, she only had a token protest and then sat right down on the edge of the pool. Now she's even napping! Hurray!

Even though I've had all this time off, my house is a disaster and I will be forced to get off my ass and clean it. Instead, here I am on the computer. Updating my blog, reading other people's blogs, wasting time on Facebook...oh well, there's always tomorrow. So, if you all wouldn't mind doing me a favor and not writing anything I can read, I might actually get something done around here!


  1. Okay, I won't write anything exciting nor sarcastic. You do what you need to do.


  2. And to think I made you wade through that very long post today. I'll try to keep it shorter next time... ;)

  3. Great week in review, can I come over and play in the snow with your little girl? That sounds like so much fun. Then, please come over for a BBQ and we can go to the beach for the sunset.

  4. I too had a snow day this week..May I ask where you live? Methinks it has to be in the northwest. And Im so glad to find someone like me, w/a knife under the mattress..and dog saliva allergies. How did you train your dog? We are having a TERRIBLE time!! Please share your advice..And the BFN..that sucks and Im thinking of you.

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