Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in the saddle again

What saddle, you ask? Well, actually, there are a couple.

My husband went back to work today, so I'm back in the single parent for the moment saddle. The older my daughter gets, the more she can express her displeasure when Daddy leaves for a few weeks. It's usually a bedtime tantrum (for an hour or so), which is very tiring. But she's such a good girl.

I'm also back in the productivity saddle at work. I had a lot of vacation time that I had to use (or lose) in December, so I took quite a bit of time off. I also had a particularly time consuming and nasty case to work, so I didn't get a lot done. I'm approximately one full month behind where I should be for my annual review that will happen in April. Too bad I don't care much about productivity...and the fact that there have been time-stoppers slowing me down left, right, and center. But, so far this month, I've been cruising right along. I can only hope that continues.

Finally, I'm back in the 2 week wait saddle. My husband remains unconvinced that another child is a good idea. But, he was considerate enough to toss his reservations for the moment, because deep down, he wants a son (although he would be perfectly happy with another girl to adore him). We get pregnant without assistance, so I don't even measure or chart anything. I get to guess-timate. We took our chances during our prime time weekend. Today, however, when I talked to my husband, he said that he had talked to God and God said that I was pregnant. I would be skeptical about this, but for the fact that I, too, talk to God and feel that He answers. And, when I asked, I got the same answer. So, if I get a BFN, I will be even more disappointed. But, if I get the BFP, then the fun begins. Drugs, injections, fear, worry, tests, more fear, more worry...Apparently, I'm crazy, because no sane person would do this to themself.

Those are the ups and downs of my days lately. Now, it's time to go and snuggle in bed under my nice, warm comforter while the temperature falls into the single digits. Of course, my husband had to leave TODAY.


  1. Oh (((HUGS))). It's hard to have things turn themselves upside down. I have no doubt that'll you'll conquer the downs. Good luck during your tww! I'll be on the sidelines cheering you on!

  2. Just wanted to wish you good luck in the 2ww. Hope this is the one!

  3. Best Wishes with everything. Sorry your hubby had to leave for his work.

  4. The 2WW sucks so hard. I'm saying my prayers and sending you good vibes.

  5. Good luck on your 2ww. I'm sending the stickiest of baby dust your way!