Sunday, December 21, 2008


I had the most unusual conversation with my mother-in-law today. I think we got some wires crossed somewhere. Or maybe she just thinks she talks to me as frequently as she talks to her daughters. More likely, however, she delivered the information I was trying to get to my husband, who will later assure me that he told me.

I like my mother-in-law. She's very sweet and thoughtful and funny. She doesn't interfere, gives advice when you specifically request it, and is more irritated when her son is being a jerk than I am. But, she's kind of flighty and absentminded. Her signature trick is to put a cup of water (for tea) or coffee in the microwave, reheat it, and forget about it. And everyone has the microwave that beeps at you until you go and take the stuff out. That beep is like a dog whistle to her - she doesn't hear it at all.

Since my husband will be driving 600 miles on Christmas Eve, I'm pretty sure he will be against the idea of driving another 300 miles to spend Christmas with my family. Which means we'll be going to wherever his family will be (his mom's or one of his sisters' houses). Since it is now the 21st of December, I thought maybe I should get an idea of what the plans were. So I called my mother-in-law.

I talked to her for about half an hour (with a brief phone pass-off to one of my sisters-in-law) and I really have no idea what the plans are for Christmas. I think she said to come over on Christmas Day around 12:30 or whenever. If we want to come at 6:30, that's fine too. And I can bring some of the cookies I've baked. Or an appetizer, because we're having soup and chicken salad, and appetizers. Or, if I'm too busy don't worry about it. But someone is bringing shrimp, because they went to a Christmas party and there was a shrimp plate there and they really enjoyed it. And my sister-in-law's husband had tickets to a hockey game today, but they couldn't go because pipes were bursting all over and he got called in to work for that. And she wishes she had more toys to send over for my daughter to play with for a little while, so she can get some variety. Huh?

I"m really not sure what the plan is. I guess I'm used to a more formal dinner arrangement. I prefer that, but I guess that means I can wear jeans. Or sweatpants for that matter. This is not what I am used to! Anyway, I'm sure she just thinks that she already told me everything - she has 4 daughters and talks to each of them probably 6 or more times a week, so I'm sure she imagines I made it in the mix somewhere. (In contrast, I make a weekly duty call to my mother, because I just don't have that much to talk about.) Or maybe my husband knows...

In other news, I am having paranoid episodes today. Normally, I revel in having the house (mostly) to myself. But today, I keep hearing weird noises. When I was trying to take a nap this afternoon, the heat was going on and the rattling of the air ducts made it sound like someone was walking through the house. It is also really cold and really windy, which increases the creaks and cracks that normally happen. Plus, my little darling is in a violent sleeping pattern today - she keeps whacking her head on the sides of her crib. Lots of thumping and creaking - it's freaking me out today for some reason.

I have all my cookies baked, now I must devise a delivery system for the neighbors (I am not good at presentation, but my stuff tastes pretty good). I'm sure my neighbor's dog will enjoy the doggie stocking full of toys that S. has been dragging around and trying to break into ever since we got it last week. Now I just have to wrap presents. And clean the house. And put away the laundry. And figure out what the hell is going on for Christmas. Ugh. I should probably just go to bed and not think about it.


  1. Wow! That's a whole lot of confusion! I hope you get it all figure out soon.

    And yay for getting all the baking done! I tried to start some but well, today's last post explains it all. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to touch things again...

  2. Ha Ha Ha..quite a lesson on formal and informal communication...It really does get tough to have straight answers to straight questions...Have fun!

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like quite a conversation with the MIL. Here's hoping Xmas is wonderful for you and the family and your house quiets down soon.

  4. Some families are just more "roll with it" than others. Also, you would have things to talk about if you talked the way your in-laws do. They talk about a shrimp platter they had at a party and you heard about it second hand? Awesome. I imagine you just aren't trying hard enough with your mom to find the minutia.

    My sisters and I talk about everything. From what we had for dinner to gossiping abut our brothers to what we are watching on TV (usually sister is a SAHM so she gives me Oprah recaps).

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I actually found out about the live animal thing after I started the medication. I am a vegetarian, so I am not so sure how I feel about it. I guess it doesn't matter because I would do anything for the little man and this is the best/safest option.

  6. You probably already gave out the cookies, but for future reference, I like to wrap treats in colored cellophane and tie them with curling ribbon -- quick, inexpensive, and looks great.

    There are also red and green gladware containers that are easy for you and convenient for the recipient (ready-made storage in case they don't eat all of the cookies right away) which can also be dressed up with curling ribbon.

    I've also seen people deliver cookies in premade cellophane bags, usually printed with snowmen or something.

    But as long as the cookies are yummy, people don't usually pay much attention to the wrapping!

  7. I get terrible boogie man syndrome when I'm alone.

    Especially at night.

    I hope christmas is enjoyable, sweatpants or no...