Saturday, December 13, 2008

I think I need a glass of Christmas cheer

Normally, I have all my holiday stuff organized by Thanksgiving. I hate crowds. I am offended when the stores are not empty on Mondays, when I usually do any shopping. I really hate crowded parking lots - I usually try to park away from everyone else, and at Christmastime, that is virtually impossible (not that it matters. I can park at the farthest end of the lot, on a non-busy day, and someone always has to come and park next to me. Look! I'm a trend setter! In a sad and demented way!)

For some reason, though, I am totally off my game. Last year, by this time, I had provided all my neighbors with Christmas cookies, had my cards sent off, and was wrapping presents at night when the baby was asleep.

This year, I did all of my Christmas shopping yesterday. I just ordered our Christmas cards online today (and had to pay $5 extra to get them here in a reasonable amount of time). The Christmas tree has been up all week, and we finally got around to hanging some ornaments on it today. That's not a huge deal - the little one really just likes the lights anyway. I will probably bake all the Christmas cookies next week. I will probably also be lacking in that whole "goodwill toward man" feeling that you're supposed to have this season. Because I feel rushed and that makes me tense.

Don't get me wrong - I am totally not a type A personality. I don't mind letting things slip by. Christmas, however, is not something I can let slip by. That's probably why I don't enjoy it much. That, and differing expectations from every single person in my life - it's just too hard to make everyone happy. I know (academically) that it's not my job to make everyone happy. But it certainly is hard to decide who I'm supposed to please, and of course, who I'm going to make angry.

At any rate, things are getting to the point where I don't feel like there's something hanging over my head all the time. Hurray. Now, where's that drink I was looking for?


  1. Here, let me pour you a good stiff drink. I'm doing a shot of Patron silver, with salt and a lime of course, how about you?
    Great post, so right on. I am not responsible for anyone else's feelings except my own. That seems to help sort out the detritus of other people's baggage.

  2. In honor of my uncle Frank and Christmases past, I would like a Brandy Alexander. Any time you combine booze and ice cream, you can't go wrong!

  3. Please let me join you in a Brandy Alexander and Here's to Your Uncle Frank and Christmases past!

  4. AH well, I always do my xmas shopping when denail fails me very late in the game.

    Humbug :)


  5. If you manage to find this Christmas Cheer of which you speak, please, oh PLEASE, send me some. I wept openly yesterday when I learned that my in-laws may want us to celebrate Christmas twice, on top of the other 2 celebrations we're doing. I think I may explode.