Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas lessons learned

Parenting tips for Christmas with a toddler:

1. Don't Waste Your Money. So as not to overwhelm the 2 year old with gifts (from Santa, mom & dad, grannie, aunts, great aunts), opening presents was spread over 3 days. What were the big winners? Crayons from Santa and a package of 14 plastic flower shaped bracelets that I got for $1.

2. Keeping up with the Joneses is a little necessary My husband is so glad I spent all that other money on toys. I say, no one ever buys my daughter toys. Everyone gives her clothes, books, or money. So, she didn't have any Legos (still doesn't, but now she has some sort of stick together blocks), she didn't have a train set or any cars (she had one but I can't find it anywhere). She didn't have any silly noise making toys (they annoy her father). Basically, she didn't have any of the toys I've seen at the houses of other 2 year olds. Now she does. She also has a pair of roller skates, so the noise making toy (a Wubbzy) is going back and she's getting a helmet.

3. Lessons that you don't realize you're teaching. We also got her her own little laptop...which she immediately told me not to touch (I wonder where she learned that from). She's very excited to have her own laptop - and it comes with its very own mouse. Which I also should not touch.


  1. That is too funny about the laptop!

    Thanks for your contest entry. I just posted the winner, which unfortunately wasn't you. Maybe next time! :)

  2. I laughed at #3. :)

    Yeah, I learned the toddler xmas over the past few christmases, it ~finally~ working this xmas. I only purchased $50 worth of stuff for the kids each (yeah, I usually spent $300ish per kid) and let grandparents do the spoiling. It's nice not tobe in xmas debt!

  3. Great lessons, they should be posted at the Toy store. Her own lap top, that's great!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it and you are the Best, Renee. My Dh loved the bird picture, thanks so much. I love it too.