Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#Microblog Monday (on Tuesday)

Things in my house that will not act right:

My daughter (all noise, all the time?  Really?  And what's with the backtalk?)

My husband (I knew that when I married him, so that's on me)

My dishwasher (annoying but still mostly functional)

My patio door (Phew!  Still baaaarely under warranty!)

My DVD player (Oh, wait - No.  It would be too easy and cheap to replace, therefore...)

My TV (ALL of the HDMI connections had to fail?  How will I watch movies?  To the basement with  you!  The Xbox needs a new TV.)

My water heater (the sudden appearance of blazing hot water is EXTREMELY suspicious - you didn't even work this well when you were new.  If you weren't electric, I'd suspect imminent explosion.)

My other TV (Well, we had about 5 more years than we thought we'd get out of you.  At least we can be sure you won't be turning yourself on randomly any more.  And yet my other, other TV - the tube one from 1999?  That one has no problems)

On the plus side, I guess I know what we'll be getting for Christmas - or maybe we'll just use that small one from my mom's house.


  1. Here's to all these things being fixable, replaceable, or so loveable that the niggles are tolerable!

  2. Why is it that when one thing fails, several others fall in line behind it? (Some version of Murphy's Law, I suspect.) Last summer we had concurrent plumbing and air conditioning failures. Really? One wouldn't have been enough?
    I feel your TV pain. Our TV, a 2008 purchase, has recently taken to turning itself off - or more to the point "going dark" while, technically it is still turned on. Usually it comes back to life in a few minutes; usually. But every time it happens we wonder if this will it's last hurrah.
    Good luck with all of your "things that don't act right" - including the daughter and husband!

  3. haha! I can identify with all the Things That Don't Work, but that we are often too busy (or lazy, or preoccupied) to do anything about. Up until recently our closet door made the most horrible screech when it was closed. I finally got Mr. Turtle to put WD-40 on the thing because I thought it would wake baby up when she comes (but it has been slowly driving me crazy for months (years?). The next thing that I need to get replaced is the crumby laptop of Mr. Turtle's that I use. I don't like laptops anyway and this one has a dozen things that annoy me, but I keep putting off getting a real desktop because it still works for what I need.

  4. I laughed at your second item. Tell me about it!

  5. *laughing* ... at least you have the internet, I guess! ;)

  6. You would cry if you saw our television. It is waaaaaaay older than 1999. And it's our only tv.

    Good luck getting more life out of the dishwasher. We caved and bought a new one yesterday. Three weeks of hand-washing -- especially the time lost by hand-washing -- convinced me.

  7. LOL.... my refrigerator and your other TV are pre-school buddies for sure because they were brought home around the same time.

    I think backtalk starts very early....you kind of noticed it late. :-)

  8. Who ate my comment?!? GAH.
    Hope the out-of-order stuff gets back in order. Or that at least you get the illusion of control somewhere else. :-)