Monday, September 15, 2014

Microblog Monday - A Poem

Rain brings a change
from summer to fall.
There's something about the weather.

Temperate days
Cooler nights
A brown leaf floats like a feather

The meteorologists warned us
for over a week now.
And this time it wasn't a con.

So, neighbors, please tell me,
do you not have TV?
Why are your automatic sprinklers still on?

(Seriously.  You're wasting water.  Turn 'em off.  The three of you.)


  1. Haha! I could have used this last week. Bravissima!

  2. Probablt the best poem I have read this year. I have a friend that forces me to read poetry through her fb statuses. And this is why I still read poetry, because otherwise, I am mostly "poetic tone" deaf.

    1. You must be reading some awful poetry if this is the best!

    2. Yeah, some might say that. Others, similarly unpoetic, might say that all poetry is the same, basically prose that at best rhymes. Yours does, and is also funny. What else can one ask from a poem? :-)

  3. Love that after a year of silence, this is what you return to say :-) Please please please come back to regular, weekly blogging. I need to laugh like this.

  4. write poems? Who knew?

    Your neighbours might be dreaming of a swamp, you know?