Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now That It's Completely Useless To Anyone

I have tried a bunch of different readers, since Google will be depriving me of my favorite tomorrow.  :(

I'm using Feedly at work with Firefox.  It's OK.  I don't like that it doesn't seem to automatically update - I have to refresh it. 

I'm using Bloglovin on my phone.  That's mostly because it's the only one that seems to work with an ancient (4 years old!) Blackberry.  I would like to get a new phone, but my husband refuses to pay an activation fee and additional money for data services just because the cell phone company feels like charging for it.  So, until there are no more Blackberries available on eBay...I will be stuck with an ancient phone. 

At home, I'm still deciding.  I like Netvibes, but it was very complex to import everything.  However, it does have an advantage over the other two choices.  Any site I follow with multiple pages (like The Pioneer Woman) or feeds is not showing up in Feedly or Bloglovin.  For Netvibes, they seem to be working just fine.  It's probably just a setting I haven't discovered yet, but I don't have the energy to figure it out.

Note: for all of these services I am only using the FREE option.  I'm not a fan of paying for things if I can possibly avoid it.  I'm getting used to repeating this philosophy on a daily basis, as my daughter complains that I won't let her have Club Penguin memberships or buy boosts/lives for games on Facebook.

None of these are ideal.  And I'm curious to see how they'll all work once Reader is deactivated.  But at least I have some options to make sure I keep up with things in Blogland.

What are you using?


  1. "I never implied you were a neanderthal; that would be a huge step up for you."

    I am just quoting your cheeky quote for you.

    I am using Bloglovin.

    I miss Reader already.

  2. Grrrrrrrr.

    My comment got gobbled, twice. And I didn't copy and paste it! Such are first world problems.
    ANYWAY. FEEDLY, but I must look at this netvibes of which you speak. I like Feedly importing your reader feeds from Google Reader. And why must reader go? Don't get it. Also, I lamented the extreme complicatedness of modern life.

  3. I'm using Feedly, and I'm afraid I've deleted Bloglovin. Feedly works across my iPad and my cellphone (not an iPhone) and I find it easy to comment from Feedly, which I never did from Bloglovin. That means I don't check blogs much on my laptop, but as I'm travelling at the moment, it doesn't really matter.

    And yes - FREE options all the way for me.

  4. I'm also using Netvibes. I tried Feedly, but I don't like how it feels. It's not intuitive. Netvibes is for me and, more importantly, I can sort my feeds into different tabs, allowing me to organize by topic/genre/etc. I ♥ tabs. ☺

  5. I'm using feedly, but I hate that I have to log out of one account and then log into my other (On my reader, I could just click the drop down as I opted to have multiple gmail accounts). It's a minor, and self-inflicted issue, but when you get use to one thing, new stuff is a PITA.

    With that being said, I like how I can see gifs in action or videos without clicking through to the actual site.

    BTW, I had the two different accounts because at some point I separated IF and parenting blogs from the cheezeburger and political ones.

  6. (blogspot ate my comment, too...always annoyed...grrr!)

    Feedly. I like that I can see gifs and videos w/o clicking through to the website. That's the short version because who fucking has time to comment anymore?!