Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GRAB(ook) club and Measure of Love

My first online book club!  I really enjoyed Measure of Love.  It was both a light read and a book that made me think about the characters beyond the bounds of the story.  I related to some of Rachel's issues, while at the same time she was annoying me with her dithering.  I'm looking forward to reading Arianna's story in the next book.

Now, I have to think of a question about the book...hmmm...well, how about some creative interpretation/write your own addendum to the story:

Adam is sort of a minor character in the story. We don't get to see many of his reactions, but he seems fairly perceptive (at least at this stage of the game).  While Rachel was going through all of her issues, how do you think he was processing all of her insecurities and assumptions?  I mean, they had to be somewhat evident, right?  Was he suffering his own doubts, or was he just oblivious?

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  1. Woohoo! I'm this post's first commenter!

    I think much of Adam's problems came from his soul-killing job, something he never really wanted for himself. So at that time he was ill-equipped to deal with his own stuff, much less Rachel's.

    Once he came back to himself, he was able to come back to Rachel.

  2. Hi there,

    Yeah, I thought of this as well but the description of his feelings are very clear in the book, that he is fully committed to Rachel. So no, I don't think he had any doubts, but tried to listen and figure out what Rachel needed, which wasn't very easy at times.

  3. Hi there,

    I think Adam was very confident about what he wanted this time around. But also listened, trying to figure out what Rachel needed by being open, even if it wasn't the easiest thing. I second what Lori said, which makes sense, having read the first book as well.

  4. Congrats on your first online book club and great question! I really enjoyed Measure of Love too and can't wait to read Apart at the Seams next year!

    I think Mel could do a whole series of side-ways sequels to this book, each one examining the point-of-view of other key character (including Adam, Ethan, Noah, Anita, Lizbeth and/or Emily), no to mention some of the more peripheral characters (like the people Rachel and Adam meet in their cooking class).

    As for what I think about Adam's perspective throughout the story, I think it is a combo of him being aware that Rachel was struggling to commit to marrying him again and being somewhat oblivious. Not that all men are the same, but there is a story that I always remember reading in one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books about how a man and women who have been dating for about 6 months are riding along in a car together. The woman realizes it is their 6 month anniversary and points that out to her boyfriend. From that moment on she thinks about their relationship and how serious they are getting, whether they might stay together forever and daydreams about what might happen next in their love story. Meanwhile, the man hears her say "6 months" and remembers that his last oil change was before they met and so he starts thinking about how his car is overdue to get checked out.

    As much as my husband (of 13 years) and I do have deep and interesting conversations at times, I am often baffled by how he and other men just don't seem to think about and process a lot of things in life they way I and other women seem to. So that is why I think Adam might be somewhere in the middle of the two options you suggest in your question.

  5. It seemed to me that he was partially oblivious, and partially aware of the difficulties she was going through. I agree, he had to have been somewhat aware of it! He did seem to be very sure through the whole thing that he did want marriage (again), but I do think he was a mixture of oblivious and maybe unsure. Great question, and something I had not thought about!

  6. Great question! I definitely don't think Adam was oblivious...I think he was very very aware of Rachel struggling & was probably scared, especially since she wasn't talking to him & confiding in him. He knew what he wanted, to marry Rachel, without a doubt but was maybe afraid she would change her mind.

  7. Great question! I never thought Adam had any doubts. In fact, he reminded me of my Hubby- very secure in the relationship, and just allowing Rachel the time and space to work out her own demons. Whether or not that was because he had tremendous faith in the fact that she would come around, or he was just plain ignorant as to just how conflicted she actually was is another question entirely... I agree with Kathy, though- men just don't seem to spend the time or energy processing and thinking about life the way women do. Men never cease to frustrate me because of this- my Hubby always just seems so relaxed and sure that life is going to work out, while I do all the stewing about money, our future, our daughter's future, etc. Infuriating!

  8. Hi! I'm going to have to come back to this question - I'm only part way through the book so will have more to add when I've got a bit of a better grasp on Adam's character. :)

  9. Good question! I have to admit, some of Rachel's dithering wore me down after awhile... I thought Adam was sjust being supremely confident & patient. I did think that it must have been hard to be sure of what he wanted, but to have to wait (& wait) for Rachel to make up her mind. But you all raise good points that sometimes men can be pretty oblivious to the things that seem obvious to us ; ) so perhaps that was part of it as well. ; )

    I appreciate Lori's reminder that Adam's problem in the first book was mostly work & stress related. I can very much relate, as my own dh had been extremely unhappy in his job for quite awhile, but he didn't want to quit & forfeit the benefits that came with seniority. If you read my blog, you'll know that he actually lost his job/was forced into early-early retirement at the end of April. He is still finding his niche (is a bit bored) & still has the odd flareup of temper when something is bugging him -- but I've been amazed at how much more relaxed & happy he is now, overall. He's much more like his old self again than he has been in quite awhile, and even though the work/money thing is a bit uncertain at the moment, I am so, so happy to have him back. :)

  10. Who cares about male characters :-) Just kidding!

    It's funny to also see the earlier drafts where Adam was even MORE patient, as if that is possible. I don't think he had the same doubts, and I think some of that comes from being a more confident person. He is someone who knows what he wants (to make partner, to marry Rachel) and never wavers from it.