Tuesday, September 21, 2010


* Why do online retailers make me fill out all of my information before giving me a total price? Don't they know that shopping involves inspecting the merchandise, checking the price, and then deciding if I want to purchase? Shopping does not involve giving out my personal information. If I can't easily find the price without filling out some annoying form, I am unlikely to purchase anything.

* Who would have thought that fantasy overpowers practicality in a crime lab? My job today has involved trying to steer people away from what ifs and towards what is. It's incredibly frustrating - the what ifs create work that can be completely unnecessary.

* Why is my internet service going in and out on a clear, calm night? There's no rain in the area, no wind, no lightning...and yet my internet has been intermittent all evening. I would call and complain but the cable company insists on making me travel through menu after menu to prove that I'm not the problem. I know the internet is down. I know it's not my wireless router. I know it's not my computer or my modem. There is no signal. Also, I can't call them because my phone does not work inside my house, which leads me to...

* Why doesn't my phone work inside my house? My last phone worked. There are towers close by. For that matter, the phone doesn't work in my neighborhood. I'm between 2 major highways and 2 major state routes in a suburban area. I should have an excellent signal. And the phone company says "We don't guarantee that phones will work inside buildings," and "Your house must just be too well-built." I suspect that Crack.berries are just not very good at the phone portion of their operational abilities.

* Why do I watch the news? Finding out that there is a stand-off involving local police, state police, and the FBI in the town where my workplace is located does not bode well for tomorrow. All I want to know is...will it be hot or will it be raining? On the plus side, the news announced that the above mentioned work fantasy may disappear by tomorrow. That's good news for a change.

All these irritants must mean that I'm overtired and it's bed time...or maybe I'm just in training to be crotchety old person. If it's the latter, I am going to be a champ!

What's irritating you lately?


  1. I am irritated by Sweden and its populace, as usual! Also by some aspects of my Swedish class. But overall not as irritated as usual right now.

    That's weird about your phone. And I know what you mean about online shopping, not that I do that anymore. No idea how to do it in Sweden, what websites, etc.

  2. What is irritating me most at the moment is waiting for other people to do their job so I can do mine. And unfortunately it is me the client is chasing not the other person. Being the middleman is very irritating. Grrr.

    I totally get the internet problem. When you do get through there is a bored person at the end of the phone asking if you have switched the machine off and on again, or checked the socket is on and you have to very calmly say 'yes' rather than 'I'm not an idiot you know'. I feel your pain.

  3. The internet thing bugs me. Our laptop constantly drops the signal. The guy at Apple said it had to be the router or our connection but our desktop rarely drops it. It's annoying.

    What irritates me is when people pull on the road by into the turning lane when there's no room for them to merge into the lane they want then proceed to drive down the turning lane just fast enough that they block your legitimate use of the lane! Go to a light or wait your turn!

  4. My internet connection has been faaaaading in and out for days. So maddening! Whenever the engineers come out they can't find the problem. My response to this is to terminate our account - take that, faceless corporation!
    I'll teach them.

  5. So clearly, internet service around the world is inconsistent and annoying!

    One more thing annoying me: When leaving a comment on a Blogger blog, it takes at least 2 tries...and sometimes the word verification word doesn't even show up without refreshing the screen!

  6. re: phone service - By any chance do you live near an airport?

    I live & work near an airport, and I've noticed a direct correlation between how close I am to the airport & the number of times my phone drops calls. As in, it only drops calls when I'm driving past the outskirts of the airfield (not always, but that's the only place it happens.

  7. Oh I could fill a book with my irritations, but I guess that says a lot more about me than about the irritations! My main problem, as you already know, is that I have a warped illusion/desire that life ought to be fair and just, (which it is neither) hence I am often heartily disappointed...

  8. SO many things irritate me these days. I'm getting crotchety in my old age, I think.

    But, you'll be happy to know, the dancing lesson was FABULOUS tonight! We had so much fun!! I highly recommend it for blowing off steam and taking your mind off life's little irritations.

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, by the way - and for visiting :)


  9. We had crap coverage until they build a tower nearby.
    Sorry for being overtired and folks busy with the waste of time "What ifs".
    I read my news online, watching it on Tv is not for me.

  10. That's why we got rid of TV. Never thought we could do it. But it's been four months and I can honestly say I don't miss it. I REALLY don't miss all that depressing news. We still have Netf.lix - and are much more deliberate about watching TV.

    What's irritating me? My husband's inability to prioritize cleaning the garage. ARG!

  11. I took a 13 hour nap today and then ate my weight in m&m's.
    nothings bothering me today

  12. Man, you hit the nail on the head!! One of my biggest irritations is having to go through a million steps and fill out all my info. just to figure out exactly how much that Gap shirt is gonna cost me. SO ANNOYING.
    Also irritating me are bugs...stinkbugs and fruit flies seem to be running rampant in my house - and it is disgusting. Those are my top two...but there are many more.
    Maybe I am just a cranky person?

  13. When someone walks into a public bathroom and takes the urinal right next to me, instead of trying to stay as far apart as possible. Jeez I hate that!

  14. Today, it is people and their complete and total lack of driving skills. And now I have to go get the teenager from high school, take him to tennis, go to blah blah blah and I just want to stay home in bed and avoid driving. Blech.

  15. Wait. You work in a crime lab??

    I'm irritated that I don't.