Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inverse (or is it converse?)

Following up on irritations, for a breath of fresh air, some things that make me happy:

* The obvious: My husband and daughter, chocolate, friends, family

* British Television: I wish we still had satellite TV so I could watch BBC America again. Instead, I must make do with PBS. On Thursday nights, the programming involves series from the UK. My favorite is New Tricks, which is the only police show that I watch. If you haven't seen it, you should. OK, I probably like it because one of the guys reminds me of my dad, but it is quite hilarious at times. Currently, they're airing Doc Martin - also very entertaining. It's about a former surgeon who has PTSD and can't stand the sight of blood, thus retiring to Cornwall (? I think) to be a local doctor. He's got no social skills and is highly irritable. I'm also a fan of Inspector Lewis (oh look! another cop show! Guess I only like British cop shows).

* Cool fall weather: When it gets chilly at night, but stays warm during the days, I love it. I can wear flip flops and cardigans (but generally not together). I can wear clothes from all seasons. I wish the days weren't getting shorter, but it's one of those side effects you can't escape.

* Cardigans and flip flops (see above)

* Sour cream, which I am only thinking of because we are out and have been for 2 weeks. This interrupts my consumption of baked potatoes, quesadillas, and tacos. Guess who's going to the grocery store tomorrow?

* Our landscaping: It attracts copious amounts of butterflies and colorful birds. Did you know that hummingbirds are not very bright? Twice, they've flown into our garage and have gotten in they cannot figure out how to get out of the garage. They fly up to the ceiling and crash against it for half an hour or more. The first one finally was able to find his way out when I closed the garage door a bit - he could fly over the door, but there was a space to get outside. The second one...well, he did something - I'm not sure what - and knocked himself silly. He was laying on the floor of the garage. My husband was trying to roll him into a dustpan to pick him up and put him someplace safe. Did you know hummingbirds make noise? I didn't until my husband tried to roll him into the dustpan. If you've ever heard a hawk's cry - it's just like that, only tiny. Very strange. Anyway, the hummingbird was placed into the tomato planter to recover and within about 5 minutes had taken off again.

* And finally, the sponsor of this post - one thing that always makes me happy whether I participate or not: Nap time!

What are you finding pleasant today?


  1. I *LOVE* this post!

    Today I am finding pleasant:

    1) The approaching spring. My days are getting longer, and warmer. Oh yes.

    2) It's Sunday ..... the unofficial Day of Rest and Laziness.

    3) Taking my boys to the park in the sunshine, to run off some beans.

    4) Lingering feel-goods after meeting a bunch of Sydney bloggers last night.


  2. Other UK cop shows you should check out (if you haven't already): Midsummer Murder (or Midso as we affectionately call it in our house. What you don't have pet names for your TV shows?)

    What I'm finding pleasant is it is 11am and I have already been to the gym so I can feel smug for the rest of the day.

  3. Ah, yes, with you on all those. The beeb, yes, and the chill/warmth of autumn.

    Feeling a pleasant glow of smugness today - all survived the trenches last night (baby-sitting) - and I feel justified in doing very little today.


  4. Dear old Beeb. No wonder everyone likes Brits - we have the best ambassador.

    I love your account of the hummingbirds. They seem almost impossibly exotic to me.

  5. Lovely post. Today I'm thankful for spring finally coming to Tasmania. It's been such a long, dark winter for me.

  6. What a great post. Today I am thankful that my experiments worked and that boss is happy with my work. I am thankful for the gorgeous weather . Thankful for the free HBO I got for one month. Thankful that I will be able to leave work one hour earlier and go to the playground with my girl

  7. I love watermelon! Must go eat some more right now.

    My DH is a fan of the Canadian cop drama "Da Vinci's Inquest". I describe it as a cross between Law & Order, Fargo, and Quincy (if you're old enough to remember that one!). :-)

  8. BBC America? What a concept!

    I am enjoying our new boiler, because it means I can keep the house warm now that it is LITERALLY FREEZING OUTSIDE. In September. Sweden, sigh.

  9. Hello, I’m new to your writing style but read it frequently on Mindy’s Good Mom/Bad Mom Blogs. Forgive me for intruding into your world but you left an unanswered question on her ‘Lost without my kids’ post. It is morse code. I’m sure you really didn’t need an answer but it did leave a crack in the doorway for me to slip a note through.

    To answer the question you left here...I like exploring new horizons and challenging myself to make people smile when maybe they weren’t expecting to and kudos if they pass fluid through their nose.

  10. I'm liking that my husband is making jambalaya for dinner and I have a bottle of wine at home that goes well with it.

    I fall in and out of love with British sitcomes, but the one that stands the test of time for me is Absolutely Fabulous.

  11. This blog post made me happy! Thanks, AYKM.
    Hmm, taking a day off from work makes me happy.
    My garden attracts butterflies and hummingbirds too, always a source of the happy.
    Good chocolate and non sassing teens are astounding in happiness quotient potential.

  12. wonderful post.

    Things that make me feel pleasant today?

    ~ getting on the scale and finding one more pound as disappeared.

    ~ my husband just walked by me in the hallway and rubbed the small of my back. Just little touches like that make me feel good.

    ~ my referral went through to change all my care to a pain management doctor. My regular doctor left his practice and I suddenly found myself without a good specilist. But before he left, he sent a referall for the doc who gives me spinal injections, nerve burings, to be my doctor from now on. I'm very happy.

    ~ I took my girls and my son to 31 flavors today and to just watch them eat ice cream makes my heart happy.

    ~ My hubsand is so damned attractive. I'm thankful for that.

    ~I agree with fall weather. it's about time where I can wear a sweater and a skirt and my favorite UGGS. I used to hate those shoes, but now I love the.

  13. Today?

    1. Finishing up some work
    2. Rudolph Christmas cards at 50% off
    3. Turkey sandwiches (the remainder of Thanksgiving leftovers).
    4. A husband who will go to Michaels AND a card store with almost no complaint
    5. The cats, who both purred up a storm for me today

    Thanks for making me think of this list. There's always something to be grateful for, isn't there? :)

  14. Ohmyword, I laughed so hard about the hummingbird incident. Does that make me evil that I found an small, injured animal hilarious? Boo on me.

    Love your list!!

    I love mornings when i go into my daughter's room and it doesn't take 15 minutes to wake her up.

    I love parking at a meter to find that there's plenty of time still left on it.

    I love it when on the rare occasion that it is sunny out, but raining. So very cool!

    p.s.Thanks for stopping by my blog!