Thursday, December 17, 2009

Turns out, I'm not as good at complaining as I thought I was

December has not been a great month...for those around me. I want to whine about it, but while I'm feeling the stress of all the misfortunes of those around me, I am not actually experiencing them. Therefore, I cannot complain.

I can complain about my family though. My mom is putting the holiday pressure on. My sister is putting the holiday pressure on. My other sister is making rude remarks to me on Facebook. Eh, it's all par for the course in my family.

So, I'm trying to readjust my attitude. I'm almost done Christmas shopping - just have the daycare teachers left. My girl will be getting some fun stuff for Christmas. I will spend the weekend baking cookies for the neighbors (and myself!). I will meet a friend for lunch on Monday. I will appreciate that I am in my lovely home (and not in an inhospitable place, like my husband). I will appreciate that I am basically healthy, except for the cough (unlike my FIL, whose cancer has returned). I will appreciate that I have plenty of choices on where to go for the holidays, because that means my daughter has many people who love her. I will try to appreciate that I have a job (even though I can't seem to get much done lately) because so many people do not.

There will be no complaining here.


  1. It takes a lot of effort not to complaine. Good for you!

  2. Not just uncomplaining but also remarkably organised! Janey Mac, as they say around here, you are positively angelic.

  3. Hi, here from Wishing for One's blog.
    I really can't/shouldn't complain, but it's so hard not to.
    I know what you mean about the family pressure. At this very moment I am feeling guilty for not calling my mother back soon enough. But do I reach for the phone. Not tonight.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. There are times where complaining is necessary and times where it isn't helpful. Good for you for seeing the wonderful things through the pressures and stress.

  5. Thanks for the insight, your sister is rude on FB?? What's up w/that??
    I send my best to you, your daughter, and your hubby.

  6. December isn't a month that makes me want to complain very much. Unless it's about wrapping presents. And really, that's a gentle stamping of my feet. Really, I'm mostly teasing.

  7. Half full, half empty?

    I hope your cookies turned out great and that you are all recovered from the cough.

    And no, old people in my world don't smile ;-)

  8. Hugs and best wishes for a good holiday this year.

  9. well, i'm complaining and i don't care who hears.:)

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  10. Hoping you had a nice christmas, I've missed reading your blog girl.