Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Thoughts from my crazy brain

Did you know that, to men, there is such a thing as a boob hug? Apparently that happens when a girl hugs you tightly enough to press her boobs against you. This information makes me very happy that I'm not a touchy-feelie type of person.

Have you ever perused the sample sale sites? Like Ruelala, or Hautelook, or Ideeli? (If you want an invite, email me - I get bonuses for herding new people into the nets! For full disclosure, I have never earned a bonus, because I don't bother people with crap like that. Anyway...) Sometimes, the clothes that the models are wearing are completely unflattering. I'm not sure who does the photo selections for these sites, but if the model looks fat or uncomfortable or just kinda silly, go back and take another photo. I'm certainly not going to buy anything that makes a human clothes hanger look fat. I can't even imagine what that would do to my petite yet slightly sturdy shape. ETA: Look at the following outfit...where exactly do you wear this? In my view, if it's cold enough to wear tights and boots, it's too cold for short shorts!

Compare these two pictures:

In the first one, the model looks like she's wearing a stylish swing cape. It's fun and frivolous (although I couldn't pull off a cape to save my life). In the second one, the model seems embarassed to be wearing an ugly rug. If not for the black shirt, I'd think she was naked and her ass was hanging out the back.

I think I'm going to take up saying "anyhoodle." I often wander off topic, so I will get plenty of opportunities to use it.

I'm pretty sure that when you're actually middle aged, you don't have any concept that you've hit middle age. Based on the average life expectancy, middle age hits around age 36. When I was 36, I was still a newlywed. I was considering starting a family. I was young! Don't turn 40, or it's possible that you will start pondering stuff like this.

Did you ever work with someone who is desperate to be your friend so he/she can control you? I work with a woman like that. I know she doesn't like me, but she can't stand for me to not be her buddy. So she tries to do stuff for me. It makes me very uncomfortable.

Why doesn't the Discovery Channel (or TLC or NatGeo or History) limit their programming productions to 30 minutes? If they did that, I wouldn't have to listen to endless recaps of the previously presented information after every commercial break.


  1. Well, would you look at all the things I just learned!
    Boob hug, Ruelala etc, (so exotic) anyhoodle - all new to me.

    Rather familiar with middle-age however. I was newly-met at 36, never mind married. I defied the statistics. It can be done! Spread the word!

    Odd, that woman at work. Tell us more? Does she insist on doing favours for you? Urg, if so.

  2. This post gets a smile and two thumbs up!

  3. Dude. YES. ESPECIALLY the last paragraph. Like, hi, can you STOP being redundant and get back to the programming? OH RIGHT, you're appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  4. The boob hug is funny, i'm always afraid of squishing them up against guys..but i didn't know they had a name for it.

    I have never perused the sample sites, but the pic of the model loathing the cape is hilarious.

    fun post.

  5. Brillant randomness, AYKM!
    That is the ugliest coat? jacket? dead or dying animal pack? I have ever seen. Wow.
    Anyhoodle, so stealing that.
    What is with people and their stupid control issues?
    Yeah, my brothers told me about the boob hug, geez, makes you want to wear a flak jacket!

  6. LOL! The girl in yellow looks like she has IBS. I've made that face. And the last one does look ashamed. Very ashamed.

    I was at a doctor this summer who said 'well that happens when you hit middle age.' I was like, WTF! Middle age! Yeah, I just turned 37 so I guess I'm there. Pffft.

  7. Well, in the second photo, the model IS wearing an ugly rug.

    Agree with you on the unbearable tediousness of recaps in documentaries. It drives me wild. And this is why I love the BBC - no commercial breaks, no stupid recaps! (hurrah!). This also means my poor husband can watch TV in peace without me shouting 'you told us that ten minutes ago!' and 'shut up and get on with the new stuff!' at the presenters.

  8. Is it just me or does the model in the first post look like she needs a potty break?! :-)

  9. All excellent random thoughts and points. I have to admit that it's the leg position in the first picture that looks so damn uncomfortable. And after that, the whole outfit.

  10. Anyhoodle is going to be my word of the day tomorrow.

  11. I have heard of boob hugs - LOL. I agree about the shorts thing. I would love the samples but aren't they for size 0-2?