Friday, April 10, 2009

What to complain about today?

Well, let's start with the easy stuff...for the second time in a year, I threw up. Not that significant an event, generally, but prior to the previous occurrence, I had not vomited in 15 years. I really hate vomiting. Of course, I have become a little more immune to it, since I spent all of Wednesday night cleaning up after my little germ factory, who started the whole game. 5 bed changes, 2 loads of laundry, 7 costume changes, and I finally got to bed 7 minutes before my alarm would normally have rung. Bright side: Extra day off of work.

Second, got my property tax assessment today. Apparently, the county where I live is unaware that there is a fucking recession going on. And that the recession is directly due to the fallout of the subprime mortgage issue. And the subprime mortgage issue has directly led to a reduction in property value in most areas of the country. Nope, my county is completely clueless, because not only did they reassess our home's value for the fourth year in a row, they increased the market value of our house for the fourth year in a row. Guess who's moving? My husband states unequivocally that he will not pay more in taxes than he would pay in rent for a decent apartment. Last year, we were pretty close to his breaking point. This year, we've reached it. Bright side: Um...I like to look inside other people's houses? New furniture arrangement? Maybe we'll move closer to work?

Finally, I have nothing to do for Easter. Usually we go to my in-laws, but they went out of town to visit my husband's grandmother. Although, even if they were here, I'd be at home anyway, due to this plague inflicted on me by my charming daughter. We'll still be coloring eggs and the Easter bunny will visit. Bright side: If I'm sick, I don't have to feel guilty about not going to church.

Happy Easter!


  1. Sorry about the throwing up. Ugh.
    What's up with your taxes, that's INSANE!! Is their an appeal process in your county? So sorry for this stress.

  2. Not to be a brat, but I kind of love that you know exactly the last time you threw-up. Just like Seinfield!

  3. I know, they say our house is worth, like, tens of thousands more than we're having to list it for. It's a scam!

  4. They raised my property taxes too. I think it is asinine too.

  5. That just sucks. I hope you are all over it by now!

  6. Yep - they (the stupid feds) think my house is worth a TON more than I could ever sell it on the current market for.


    Love it.

  7. NJ has the highest property taxes anywhere that I know of. My parents pay over 7K and we pay over 4. Ick, I hate it especially since we both live in small houses (mine is only two bedrooms!). C retires in 17 years then we leave NJ!