Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks to Martha for my first award!

The attendent rules:
Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Then, list at least 10 honest things about yourself.

1. I tend to speak without thinking
2. That's why I tend to find writing easier
3. I am unwilling to dye my gray hair because I'm too cheap to get it dyed every few weeks.
4. I watch too much TV
5. I don't really watch TV, since I'm usually reading a book or on the computer at the same time
6. I read a lot of books, but I only really absorb the plot lines of the one I find meaningful or really enthralling.
7. I frequently get books from the library that I've read before and don't realize - until I get a few pages in.
8. I wish I could travel more
9. I never used to get angry, but now I have a much hotter temper.
10. I am a dog person, but allergies prevent me from having pets. Maybe someday.

Thanks also to Martha for The Lemonade Stand Award

And the final tag from Martha:

Instead of saying where you live, what state your hair is in, etc. you will share bizarre little things about yourself. Maybe you have some guilty pleasures, maybe you have some OCD that you desperately try to hide, whatever the case may be this is your chance to spill it. Let's all remember to be honest, not to judge, and to have some fun being able to embrace our oddities and laugh at ourselves. Thought this might be a nice mid-week tension reliever.

1. I don't like for my food to touch, unless it's supposed to touch (like a casserole, or pasta and sauce)
2. I occasionally alphabetize my CD collection.
3. At work, my desk top is a mess, but my drawers are neat and organized
4. This is a carryover from my childhood. When I was told to clean my room, I would shove everything in the drawers to get it off the floor.
5. I have a semi-irrational fear of touching wild birds, as my mom once told me that they carry disease.
6. I like to sleep late, but am incapable of doing so.
7. It makes me crazy to watch forensic stuff on TV.
8. I am somewhat prudish around most people, but around certain people I can be quite raunchy. I find this to be odd.
9. I think I'm losing my hearing, little by little.
10. I do not like sand - because you just can't get it off.

As usual, I'm tagging and awarding anyone who reads this!


  1. Thank you so much for playing along, I love that you multitask while watching TV. You could also become an advisor for one of those forensic TV shows and show them how it's done!

  2. Sorry a little off the topic comment: I am a dog person and grew up with parents with allergies. It was hard as I always wanted a dog. There are some breeds of dogs which dont moult fur if that is what you are allergic to, like poodles and bedlington terriers! I now I am not living at home I have a dog and love her to bits and will never be without a dog again!!

  3. Yep, I've had a yorkie (boy, that dog was mean!), a poodle (great dog!), and a welsh terrier (Stubborn! but so cute). The problem now is that my husband likes the "manly" dogs (boxers and dobermans) that there is no way I could live with unless I got allergy shots. But, we're not home enough to have a dog anyway, so the question is moot for the moment. DD loves the doggies, so it will come up again!

  4. I may just cut and paste your Honest Scrap answers. I think we may be the same person!

    (And yes, you are absolutely correct about that gram in the underdrawers. I am sure somebody out there is walking around with TWO because I most certainly have NONE!)

  5. Thanks for your comment, I thought of you and the other forensic folks using black humor to survive. It's not a it!!

  6. so fun to read this :-)
    Thanks for the comment on Mel's Barren Advice, it was really helpful.
    Love your blog, both funny and thoughtful. I'll be back :-)

  7. I also like to sleep late, but am incapable of doing so! It drives me crazy! Even when I stay up late, I still get up early!

    Great lists!

  8. I'm cracked up b/c we have some similarities! I also do #5 on the first list and admit to #9 as well. On the second list-I do #2 as well (makes me feel like an OCd freak) and #10 annoys me too!

  9. First set:
    Num 7 , I do that with movies!

    Second set:
    Num 6 & 8, me too!

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