Monday, October 18, 2010


5 months later, I finally did it. It was long, it was painful, but now it's over. I have finally finished that fucking book. (Ulysses - James Joyce) Now, I just have to get some Cliff Notes to figure out what it was that I read.

I do know this much: My Irish Grandfather's first name was Charles, but he chose to go by Parnell. Based on what Joyce wrote, that was a bad idea, as Parnell was...not nice.

Also, Joyce did not have a high opinion of women. And judging by the last 48 pages, he was also not a fan of punctuation.

Fortunately, I received a palate cleanser from Jason Mulgrew via a contest on Aunt Becky's site of wonder. I won a copy of Everything is Wrong with Me (to which I would have linked but the site was overloaded or otherwise not working properly). As I was laughing out loud before the end of the first chapter, I think this is just the thing to bring me out of the Joyce fog. Thanks again, Jason and Aunt Becky!

And TwangyPearl the Elastic Girl, who is at Art (Boot) Camp in Florida, I hope you're either finished or still plugging away at Ulysses. If you gave up long ago, don't tell me, as I will be forced to send the alligators after you!


  1. Hurray and Congrats on finally finishing.

    I know someone who has been trying to write his dissertation on Ulysses for the past 13 years. Yikes.

    I've been using my copy as a door stop. Maybe I'll pick it up and start reading. You've inspired me.

  2. Emmmm.. yes. Now, while I didn't actually bring the cursed thing over with me - too heavy! FAR too heavy! I consider it reading to be only temporarily suspended and to be continued forthwith. Good? No alligators please..?

    Well done btw. I am very impressed.

  3. Congratulations on Ulysses. We had to read it for modern fiction my first year of grad school. It was a special kind of torture (you only had two or three weeks to finish the whole thing).

  4. You are a true intellectual!!
    I am proud I finally finished a couple books, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (very enjoyable), and Johannes Cabal the detective, (kinda slow, some funny parts).

  5. You FINISHED it? Damn. I'm still somewhere in the first chapter. *Dies of shame*

  6. Not bad. I'm still working on Fagel's translation of the Iliad. Heck, I could use that version of the Iliad as a freaking table. ok well maybe not...

  7. We used to work and live at a boarding school and made friends with this couple who lived next door to us. Once I went over to see if I could borrow some beets (yes, really, beets - they always had them) and stumbled upon them reading Ulysses aloud to each other. I had to stop hanging out with them because of that.

    But as long as you read it to yourself, I'd love to still be frineds.

    Well done!

  8. Ulysses? Dear word. My brain is waaaayyyyyy to small for that. Go you.

  9. Impressed! And it's always good to throw a fun one in there between the hard stuff.

  10. if i read back far enough....will i figure out where the xj2608 comes from? dying to know.

    if it's some sort of famous reference, will you explain it first before laughing?

  11. Parnell was one of the politicians behind Irish independence in the 19th Century: he failed, but there's a giant statue of him on one of the main streets of Dublin, and we named a square after him, too. He was called "the uncrowned king of Ireland".
    His 'reputation' comes from his involvement (and three children) with a separated-but-technically-still-married woman called Kitty O'Shea. Whoops.
    Not sure what Joyce had against him, but kudos to you for getting through Ulysses.

  12. LOL...I have had books I hated -

    1. God of Small Things - How many characters can fill a book?
    2. Lord of Flies - I only remember someone called Percy. My teacher blotted and butchered the book for me.
    3. Fear of Flying - Not so much airborne as the hype was for me.